Our Philosophy

Even Further

Logistics is a complex sector where clients’ expectations are high. Market requirements are expressed in terms of service, reliability, on-time compliance, cost-cutting, all the while caring for the environment.

We welcome these challenges every day as an opportunity to delight our customers. Thanks to our commitment, expertise and market share, we have all the resources needed to find the ideal solution for every occasion. Our creativity, passion, experience and know-how inspire us to find the BEST way to meet your logistics needs, whether related to transportation, warehousing, or any other aspect of the supply chain.

We have all the resources needed to find the ideal solution for every occasion.

We’re not able to control the weather, the traffic or the unforeseen circumstances that come our way every day. However, we are able to control our willingness to overcome these obstacles without ever having to get our customers involved or worried. What happens between shipping and receiving is our responsibility. We are accountable. We are trustworthy. We deliver the goods, period!

We approach every contract as a unique mission requiring a customized strategy. Is the time allowed very limited? Will several stops be needed? Does the budget need trimming? We redesign our processes to meet your needs, without imposing our methods. The answer you’ll hear most often at Simard is “Yes, we can do it”.

Always here for you…  before, during and after delivery.

For us, the customer is a partner, an ally. It’s inconceivable to think that our team could let you down. We’re there for you before, during and after delivery.

Our past successes point us in the right direction, but the world in which we do business is moving at top speed, meaning we are constantly striving to maintain our reputation.

We owe our progress to our relentless team. Their quest for excellence allows us to continuously offer you more and always serve you better.

Simard, a trusted brand since 1943.